8 Odd Ways to Burn Calories this Summer

Summer time is all about enjoying yourself, so why sweat it out at the gym every day? Not only can the gym temperature be pretty unbearable, but you’ll be cooped up inside a building all summer long.
So we put together a few odd ways you can burn calories this summer–sans gym, of course.

1. Bouncing
Got a yoga ball sitting around at home? If not, get one. You can use it as your comfortable seat when watching TV, eating your dinner, or doing your work. Every hour you spend bouncing on the ball can burn between 50 and 100 calories, depending on how vigorously you bounce.

2. Tapping
People that have a habit of fidgeting actually burn more calories every day than those that sit quietly, so it’s time to get fidgeting. Tapping your foot is one of the best methods of fidget-burning, and you can burn up to 100 calories in an hour–though that requires some Thumper-level tapping. Even just gently tapping for an hour can help you burn 50 calories or so.

3. Water Fight
Nothing will help you cool off from the summer heat better than a water fight, and you’ll get some great exercise in as well. You’ll be running all around your lawn, your arms will be pumping, your body will be dodging, and you’ll be burning a few hundred calories without even thinking about it. Just keep those balloons flying, and you’re in for a refreshing workout.

4. Sex
Missionary sex is better exercise for the man, while the cowgirl position is ideal for the lady. Men can burn about 350 calories per hour in the missionary position, and it’s not impossible for a 30-minute session in the cowgirl position to burn 200 or more calories. Talk about an enjoyable way to get in shape!

5. Shopping
Now you have an excuse to stroll around the mall or hit your favorite supermarket. If you speed walk through the supermarket or mall–preferably hauling around a few heavy items–you can get a great workout. Speed-walking while carrying gallon jugs of milk or juice will burn up to 150 calories per hour–not bad for getting your weekly shopping done!

6. Freeze
Oddly enough, a cold shower can help you to burn calories. Overheating from the sweltering summer sun? Jump into the shower and let the cold water run over your body. It will have to work extra hard to keep itself warm, and you’ll end up burning about 100 calories extra just to keep your core temperature steady in the freezing cold shower.

7. Summer Cleaning
The last thing you want to do with your vacation days is clean the house, but it’s a good alternative for your workout. You can burn about 65 calories washing the windows, 50 calories scrubbing out the bathtub, and another 200 calories or so giving your driveway a thorough sweeping and scrubbing (no pressure washer–hose and scrub brush only). By the time your house is sparkling clean, you’ll have worked up a sweat and burned a good few calories.

8. Video Games
You may tell your kids, “Go outside and play,” but they may be onto something. Video games like Just Dance, Dance Dance Revolution , and Wii Sports get your body moving, and you can burn a good 400 calories an hour if you actually dance in time with the song. Have fun dancing and feeling like a fool with your kids, and get in shape too!

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